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"John is professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with, not to mention, extremely talented. He always hits the mark and consistently adds uniqueness and character to our promotional spots. We are lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with John."
- Molly Weingarten, Manager of Operations, WWE
“John has a great voice and is easy to work with. He is an asset to our marketing team and future marketing efforts”
- Peter Muzsi, Head of Marketing at Core Development Group

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About John

John Taranto is a Voice Over Professional with a focus on TV Promos, Commercial and TV/Video Narration. With a controlled and coachable wide vocal range, John can lend his talents to create the tone you and your clients need to bring the words to life. Trained by Glen Holtzer, John honed his craft and quickly earned the respect and business of clients such as the WWE, Sinclair Broadcasting and recently completed his first 13 episode season of Extreme Weather Countdown for WeatherSpy, a Trusted Media Brand company.

John Taranto Info

Gender: Male
Vocal Age Range: 20’s-40s
Vocal Range: Confident wide rage. Deep and rich to youthful and bright.
Home Base: New York, NY
Home Studio Capabilities: Full Home Studio, Phone Patch via MSFT Meeting, Zoom.
Vocal Textures: Rich, Heavy, Bright
Accents: American, New England, New York, Southern
Special Voice Skills: Characters, Announcer